~ Service ~
*We like to meet you & your dog, see the area to be scooped & answer any questions you may have.
* We double bag all the poop we find & place it in your waste receptacle OR remove it from your property with a $2 surcharge per month.
* We scoop yards on the same day/time each week
* You do not need to be home, but please be sure we have access.  We will discuss this at our meeting.
~ some combination locks work well ~
*PLEASE call/email 3 days in advance if you do not want service that week or need to stop for awhile.
* We  love doing one time scoops for parties, people moving in or out of a house etc.
* We do not work on Saturdays, Sundays or major holidays except by special request. If your scoop is set on a holiday we will be there the day before.
~ Billing ~
* We prefer leaving a bill for you after the 4th week of service.  You can either mail the payment or leave it for us on the next scoop day.
*If we are unable to enter yard to scoop, we still have to charge for the visit. (discuss @ meeting)
* Yards that have not been maintained will have an additional 'first time' charge of $15.
* paying by PayPal will soon be an option
~ For Everyone's Safety ~
* During our first visit, it will be determined if
your dog can be out when we scoop.
*  Our shoes & any equipment are ALWAYS sanitized before visits
Florida-> Rainy season:
Hedy scoops in light rain but won't take risks due to lightening. If rain persists She will scoop the next day but if unable to, you will NOT be charged.

If you have any questions please click or call:

                    or call HEDY at 727-742-7492
Please leave your name, number and a good time to
return your call.

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Hedy with WeeBee

Molly min-pin
above: Frankie cat & Bentley lab, discussing the day's events on my BED!
below~Bentley shows off his handsome face
Benjamin, biggest boy in smallest cage..
He LOVED curling in that cage