People telling people about
is one of the best ways for me to help
dog & pet pig owners keep their yards cleaned
of those numerous disgusting piles.

Sometimes, it can be the deciding factor in whether
a family/person will keep their pet or not.

The best way I can show my great appreciation to people caring enough about others & taking their time
to refer my business to others (or them to me) is by
joyfully paying them for their help.

Earn $20
For EACH  Referral
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Flash Required
*Remember, I also have gift certificates if you wish to 'gift' someone a few 'scoops' for any reason!
  After the person you refer to me  uses my service for 3 months
you will get a call to expect a check for $20.
You can refer as many homes with dogs or pot belly pigs as you want.
After 3 months, you will get the $20 as promised!
To send the name & contact info for your referral
Please email

         Two available               Gift Certificates